Starting business in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, the firm was incorporated in 1920. Since foundation in Hamamatsu, Japan, SUZUKI has steadily grown and expanded. During the post-W.W.II period, our motorized bike 'Power free'* which earned a good reputation was followed by our 125cc motorcycle 'Colleda', and later by the pioneering 'Suzulight'* minicar that helped bring Japan's automotive revolution. Each of these was epoch-making in their own right as they were developed and manufactured by optimizing the most advanced technologies of that period. Today, constantly going forward to meet changing lifestyles, the SUZUKI name is seen on a full range of motorcycles, automobiles, outboard motors and related products such as motorized wheelchairs and industrial equipment. The  trademark is recognized by people throughout the world as a brand of quality products that offer both reliability and originality. SUZUKI stands behind this global symbol with a sure determination to maintain this confidence in the future as well, never stopping in creating such advanced 'value-packed products'.

Suzuki started operations in the United States in the 1970s. As Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. we sell motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and outboard engines.  Headquartered in Brea, CA, we have nearly 350 employees in the office and in the field across the U.S. servicing our dealer network. Suzuki Manufacturing of America, Inc. operates in Georgia with over 100 employees assembling our ATVs. While we stopped selling autos in the US market in 2012, we still have a parts and warranty services for autos. Although part of a larger organization, we offer a small company feel and good work life balance. As new people join the company and we prepare for future successors, over half of our organization has been here ten years or more.